Tuffy Stone - Working
Tuffy Stone - BBQ Masters
Tuffy Stone - Working

Tuffy Stone is an American chef who has competed in the barbecue circuit since 2004. His classical French culinary training and obsession with precision have earned him the nickname “The Professor.”

He has won Grand Champion titles in nearly every major barbecue competition, recently earning his sixth world championship title and has been inducted into barbecue’s Hall of Fame. He runs the “Cool Smoke” competition team, owns a restaurant called The Westover and a catering business called A Sharper Palate, and has released a cookbook – Cool Smoke: The Art of Great Barbecue.

Tuffy’s Tips

Texas crutch - Tuffy Stone

Texas Crutch

The Texas Crutch is a technique used for controlling how much smoke is put on meat during the barbecuing process. Meats like ribs, brisket and pork shoulder take many hours of cooking to achieve the desired tenderness. So once your meat has just the right amount of smoke flavor, wrap in aluminum foil and put back on the grill to cook until tender.
Fresh rubs - Tuffy Stone

Fresh Rubs

Always make sure that the rub or seasoning you use on your meat is stored in a cool, dark place to ensure freshness. This will make for a much better tasting product.

Sauce at the end - Tuffy Stone

Sauce at the end

When applying sauce to meats, always add sauce after the meat has reached the desired doneness. The sugar content of most sauces can cause them to burn easily. The best way to avoid this is by applying sauce right at the end, followed by just a couple more minutes over the heat.

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