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Tim Scheer has been cranking out competition winning barbecue since 2009 with his wife and their three daughters. Their team – Shake ‘n Bake BBQ – is well known in their home state of Missouri but is also making a name for itself in competitions around the country. In 2014, Scheer developed and patented his Gateway Drum Smoker. One year later, he bought the rights to Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce and expanded their lineup to five sauces, three rubs, charcoal and wood chunks. They currently have 36 Grand Championships and 45 Reserve Grand Championships under their belts, including KCBS Pork and KCBS Ribs Team of the Year and KCBS Overall Team of the Year Reserve Grand Champion.

Tim’s Tips

Start with the best - Tim Scheer

Start with the best

To make your barbecue exceptional, start with a perfect piece of meat. Look for bright color, good marbling and an even thickness. This will get any barbecue off to a great start.

Balance flavors - Tim Scheer

Balance flavors

The flavors of salt, pepper and smoke should all be balanced in your finished meal. Focus on balance and cooking techniques first, then get creative as you go.

 Learn your cooker - Tim Scheer

Learn your cooker

All appliances have areas that cook warmer or cooler within the chamber. Learn that and use it to your advantage. An easy way to test is using biscuits – place consistently sized biscuits around the chamber and see which ones brown faster or slower than the others.

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