Justin McGlaun - Grand Champion

Iowa barbecue competitor Justin McGlaun has been in the game for a decade. Most weekends, he and his family can be found cooking across the country. His team, Lucky’s Q, has participated in nearly 200 competitions and won 24 Grand Championship and 22 Reserve Grand Championship titles. Some of their biggest wins are the Sam’s Club National Championship and King of the Smoker. It looks like barbecue talent runs in the family; Justin’s 8-year-old son, Gavin, took home first place at the 2019 American Royal in Kansas City.

Justin’s Tips

Keep it simple - Justin McGlaun

Keep it simple

Don’t mix too many flavors together. Some of the best rubs are the most simple. Salt, brown sugar, pepper and garlic are the base of a lot of seasonings.

Foil is your friend - Justin McGlaun

Foil is your friend

Once caramelization or bark is developed on your meat, foil can be used (with or without other seasonings or liquid) to finish cooking the meat. This helps keep your meat juicy and allows it to become tender without over cooking the exterior.

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