Fred Robles - BBQ Masters

Fred Robles knows meat. A butcher by trade and owner of Rio Valley Meats in Weslaco, Texas, Fred entered his first barbecue competition with a borrowed smoker and a love for barbecue. After placing fifth in chicken during his first competition, he was hooked. Since then, he has been awarded hundreds of first place categories, 95 Grand and Reserve Grand Championships and was recently named the 2019 American Royal World Champion and 2019 National BBQ Grand Champion.

Fred’s Tips

Less is more - Fred Robles

Less is more

Don’t over season your meat. Seasoning should be used to complement the natural flavor of the meat, not overpower it.

Done when it is done - Fred Robles

It’s done when it’s done

Take your time and manage a consistent cooking temperature. Allow the meat to come to its ideal internal temperature. Don’t rush it – let it cook. Enjoy the process.

Preparation is expectation - Fred Robles

Preparation is expectation

Starting with great meat like tender and juicy ribs from Tyson Fresh Meats means you can expect great results. Prepare by having all the necessary ingredients on hand to avoid last minute trips to the store.

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Pork Belly Tacos

Pork Belly Tacos - BBQ Recipe
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